• Ax'l Thorne

Toxicity Meltdown, Level 4.

EvE is a game in which people tend to either shrug and go, that's how it is, laugh, or blow out their o-ring in a fit of toxic rage. But even then, there are limits. And when one starts to spew racial slurs, they are riding on the wave to bans-ville

Exhibit 1:

One might be asking yourself, what could have possibly happened to this person that would have pushed him into fit of such vulgar and disgusting language?


No. That's too obvious. It was much more benign then that. And here is the tale.

I was out doing my thing in Gulfonodi as usual. I happened to spy on the d-scanner a little mining op going down. One ocra and a number of skiffs. I hadn't done any bumping for a while so I decided to dust off the old Cynabal. I set my mark, warped 100 km away. Took aim and full speed ahead!


Sent that orca flying over 78km! Pretty darn good for me. But as I was bumping, I noticed something else. The Skiffs were mining into jettison cans.

Oh no! Say it ain't so!

Oh, it's so.

One would think that after 20 years of EvE online and the stack of tales about can flipping, no one would do it anymore. But as a year of miner ganking has taught me, miners don't think. They don't prepare. They can't learn. They don't do anything proactive to help themselves. And thus, 3 skiffs mining into 2 jetcans.

So I go back to the station, grab my legion and head back. Landed right in between the two cans. I jettison 1 piece of scrap, target my own newly created can, and proceed to open the other two. I then transferred the contents of two cans into mine and proceeded to blow it up denying the miners any of their ore. What happened next had me shaking my head in amusement. All three skiffs proceeded to orbit me and target me with the little yellow box of impotence.

A short time later, Mr. Fantoccio decided to lodge his complaint in local. And he certainty got some attention. But not the kind he was looking for.

Now, its a strange thing when miners actually come to your defense! Shodan, is a well known miner in Gulf, and I had the luxury to gank him once, and walk away with his ore faction strip miners. But that's a tale for another day.

But Mr. Fantoccio wasn't done yet. He had more to lash out with.

Apparently Mr. Fantoccio thinks that it's okay to mine into a jetcan. He thinks his ore will be safe. But what Mr. Fantoccio doesn't understand is that EvE is a game of consequences. And when you do stupid stuff like mine into a jet can, you're just asking for consequences.

His outburst had not only smeared his own name, but the name of his corp. And damage control would have to be implemented.

His corp administrator contacted me and sent me an apology for this person's abhorrent behavior, and a few conversations with his CEO then followed with promises of corrective actions.

One has to ask, did Mr. Fantoccio learn not to mine into a jet can?

Sadly not. He was spotted not to long ago, in his skiff, mining into a can, which was promptly flipped and stolen.

Further evidence that miners, cannot learn.

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