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High Sec Spillith Over

CCP has decided to make mining in high sec much more interesting. How you might ask? By removing any ore of value or interest and moving it to low sec. A move that, in all honesty I whole heartedly endorse. Already miners are beginning to venture into the lawless space of low sec trying to figure out ways to extract those sweet sweet nuggets of.... I don't know what it is that miners actually find appealing about mining in the first place, but each to their own I suppose.

But lets pause for a second and consider a hypothetical. What would happen if, say, a high sec miner, with their typical entitled mentality, ventures into low and biffs it to some pirate scum?

Let's find out!

The simple answer? I'm a antisocial sociopath that lives in his moms basement. Oh, wait. You mean in game. I'm a antisocial sociopath that lives in low sec. But that what I find compelling is this outburst. One that is typically seen from a gank in high sec. But what is obvious, is that this miner has no idea what they are doing.

Now it would seem that a bounty is some sort of functional game mechanic. But as people who have played EvE for about a month find out, it's really just a cool aesthetic to add to your profile picture.

Shame CCP did away with the archaic and non-functional bounty system. Oh well.

I had proceeded to explain that the bounty system doesn't really work, but she insisted that the 15 mil bounty she put on my head will. I'll just toss that into the 500+ mil isk bounty pile already sitting there. I'm sure another 15 mil will entice someone to come and get a 2% payout on that.

The Venture class mining rig has a +2 to warp core strength, and she could have very easily made her escape from my warp scrambler. But in fact failed to do so, along with the pod. Perhaps she needed some help. It's clear her corp has done nothing to teach her the core mechanics of the game.

She was unwilling to learn.

Why do I waste my time? I must enjoy torture. After all, I do play EvE. I should probably see a therapist about that.

I was ready to move on. Do something interesting.

but Starella wasn't done raging.

Obviously she was a high sec care-bear. She wouldn't do a thing about it but-

I've seen this behavior so often in high sec, that I can practically predict what they are going to.

Of course, stating the obvious tends to hit a nerve, and when all they have are words and no guts, they like to throw them around. I tried to, once again, explain how low sec works. Did she not read the warning that flashes in your face when you make a jump into a low sec system? But what she said next made me giggle. Oh, I only hope you do. I hope you do...

It's blatantly clear that she has no idea how to play this game. Another EvE lesson would be waiting for her. The one I like to call "WTF I CANT HIT YOU, YOURE EXPLOITING THE GAME, CHEATER!" lesson.

Tracking speed, it's a thing.

After calling her bluff, she was reduced to...

That's twice now I've been called kid. I wonder what it feels like to be bested by a 12 year old? 10 people, eh? That usually happens at a gate camp. I'm no stranger to wandering into those. >^.^<

But Starella had one last tid-bit to share with me. Her demise, she suddenly realized, wasn't because I knew how to do PvP. It was because I'm a

That's right. I'm a wallet warrior. Did you know, that in EvE, you can be a skilled at pvp by simply throwing money at it? Well you do now! So give CCP all your monies and you too can be elite!

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